Sunday, 28 November 2010

My Top Top Team - Part One, The Postie

How Many Fingers Is That?

I'm so lucky in that my Shadow Cabinet have all been chosen for me, saving me the trouble. It's even better that my big brother decided to spend more time with his bananas, so I don't have to worry about keeping him happy.

Having seen at close quarters how difficult it can be for a leader when there's a troublesome arsehole as Chancellor I deliberately mades sure that Ed "Mini-Brown" Balls was going nowhere near the Treasury brief. Instead I placed Postman Prat there, because he's hardly the sharpest tool in the box and I won't have any trouble with him. After all, he can barely add two and two together.

Then I come back from my well-earned paternity leave to find that the silly old fart has gone and stated that the 50p top tax rate should only be a temporary measure, and that's just not what I promised the brothers to secure their support.

Seems you can't rely on anyone!


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