Saturday, 4 December 2010

Nobly Drawing A Line To Protect His Family

I am truly humbled and impressed by the self sacrifice and nobility of David Cheater, who has pleaded guilty to fiddling his expenses in order to save his family the ordeal of being forced to tell the truth in court about his accounting errors.

Poor David has had a terrible time over the last few years, forced through circumstances to move house six times in five years. And losing his sainted mother, who was kind enough to rent him her hovel so he could claim expenses on it. It's no wonder he lost track of his mortgages!

Let's hope he gets the benefit of Ken Clarke's initiative to keep minor offences from clogging up the prisons, I'm sure there's lots of litter needs picking up which would be much more useful as well as being much less painful than having some hulking lout buggering one of our finest and most upstanding New Liebore politicians.


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